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As a member of the Indiana National Guard, you’ve earned your way to higher education, a bolder career and a brighter future. From ASVAB improvement, qualifications and approvals to tuition assistance, GI Bill and stipends, the path forward isn’t always clear. Thankfully, we are here to help you fund your future and take the hassle out of using your benefits so you don't have to do it alone. Whether you are just beginning your journey, approaching graduation or somewhere in between, Education Services will guide you toward your best future. 

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About Education Services

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If you’re planning on attending college, the Indiana National Guard can help you on your way with comprehensive resources that help you achieve your educational goals and secure a better future for yourself and your family. The INNG Education Office serves, advises and assists members of the Guard by providing comprehensive resources so you can make the most of your education benefits. We help you learn about federal and state tuition assistance, the GI Bill, how to sign up for education counseling or testing, and more. Soldiers can earn tuition benefits through scholarships and financial aid programs and take advantage of testing and other services. The National Guard Supplemental Grant (NGSG) guarantees that up to 100 percent of certain tuition costs will be met by the state of Indiana for eligible Guard members who apply.

ATTENTION: The new ASVAB/GT Improvement Program is available to assist you with your scores. We now have tutors available in-person or virtually to help you prepare to re-take the ASVAB test. If you are interested in changing your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), applying for either Officer Candidate School (OCS) or Warrant Officer programs, please complete the form below and someone will contact you to discuss how to get started.

Tuition Assistance

Education entitlements and incentives are among the greatest benefits to serving in the Indiana National Guard. These benefits provide Guardsmen with opportunities to work toward a future career, and include tuition assistance, on-the-job training, credentialing and more. Nearly 60 percent of all jobs in the United States require a higher education. The prospects for employment, management opportunities and additional earnings significantly improve with job seekers who have earned a college degree.

The state of Indiana and federal government provide various types of tuition assistance programs to Guardsmen. Some programs also provide a housing, books and supplies stipend. Each program has various eligibility requirements. Please pick from our programs below:




Credentialing Assistance

Credentialing Assistance is now available on!  We encourage you to register your account today and find a credential that can help advance your career goals. Visit and browse the 1600+ credentialing options available to Army National Guard soldiers. There are so many exciting options to choose from, including private pilot licenses, personal trainer certificates, commercial drivers licenses, Lean Six Sigma, welding, airport fire and rescue technician, crane operator, radiology specialist and so much more. Once you have selected a credential, log on to to submit your credentialing assistance request in just four easy steps.

Credentials can help advance your career goals by allowing you to choose a certification in an area that expands on your existing experience or an area of interest to help further new career opportunities. The Army offers up to $4,000 per fiscal year to use toward an eligible credential listed on So do not delay and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Transfer of Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits

What Is It?

A Transfer of Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits is an incentive for continued service offered to service members who qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

How Do I Qualify?

  • Be currently serving in the Uniformed Services, with at least six years completed 
  • Qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill at any payment tier 
  • NOT be flagged for adverse action, ACFT/ABCP failure, or as Unsatisfactory Participant 
  • Agree to a four-year service obligation from the date of your transfer request 

What Do I Get?

  • Dependents receive same payment tier as the Soldier 
  • Spouses may use transferred benefits immediately 
  • Child/Children: 
  • Cannot use the benefit until transferring Soldier has completed 10 years in the Armed Forces 
  • Can begin using the benefit on their 18th birthday or upon high school graduation, whichever     comes first 
  • Eligibility ends on their 26th birthday unless an earlier date is specified 
  • Natural, stepchildren, adopted children and wards and foster children who have lived with the SM for 12 months are eligible 
  • You can modify and/or revoke months for any dependents you originally transferred month of benefits to – even after you separate from service
  • IMPORTANT! You must be currently serving to add a new dependent

How to transfer

College Credit for Military Service

More than 2,300 colleges nationwide will convert your military experience into college credits. Converting your experience saves you time and money. Different colleges accept different credits.

Joint Service Transcript (JST)

The synchronized transcript is based on the SMART model and presents:

  • Personal service member data
  • Military course completions with descriptions
  • Military experience
  • College-level test scores
  • Other learning experiences
  • Summary page with course category codes
  • Academic institution courses page

Assessing JST

If you are prior Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps or Navy, or do not have access to a Common Access Card (CAC) reader, you will need to register for a JST account. Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans of the Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy are eligible for JST Transcripts.

Resume Writing

Use information on JST to help you write your job application and articulate your experience to potential employers.


The Education Services Office offers Army tests that will help you advance your military career and turn your career experiences into college credits. To sign up for education testing, soldiers must contact our office for documentation and instructions by phone 317-964-7017 or email

Once the form is completed, then email it to: When we receive your completed form, we will email you to schedule your testing and again to confirm the scheduled date.

  • Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)
  • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
  • Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT)
  • Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT or aka-ASVAB retake)
  • Exam Proctoring
  • ASVAB Tutoring
  • Non-Army personnel: (317) 964-7023


The following testing is available through your local area school at no cost to Indiana National Guard members and their spouses:

NOTE: IVY tech Locations can be used for secondary test locations. Click here for information about IVY Tech testing services.


Indiana Army National Guard
Education Services Office, Bldg. 1, Room 2300
2002 South Holt Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241 

  • Education Services: 317-964-7023
  • Federal Tuition Assistance and Credentialing: 317-964-7147
  • National Guard Supplemental Grant: 317-964-7161
  • GI Bill Manager: 317-964-7055
  • NCOIC: 317-964-7020
  • Education Services Officer / OIC: 317-964-7017
  • Bonuses: 317-964-7026
  • Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP): 317-964-7110

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