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DA Photo VIOS Instructions

All users are required to log onto https://vios-east.army.mil in order to register for a DA Photo.

Step-by-step instructions follow:

*Note: Users are required to select the location of the DA Photo lab within VIOS, not where their unit is located.

  1. Insert CAC and navigate to www.vios.army.mil
  2. Click on the Eastern side of the United States, enter CAC Pin
  3. Select “New User”, if you are a new user and then select Indiana ARNG from the dropdown.
  4. Select work request and fill in required information
    1. for organizational level, select Indiana National Guard
    2. for organizational level 2, select JFHQ
    3. check the box that says “shipping address is same as above”
  5. Justification = DA Photo, check “photography” radio button, type of photography = DA Photo, fill in additional requirements (i.e. promotion board, etc.)
  6. Select Studio, “Stout Field Photo Lab,” and then Appointment date and time, click next
  7. Leave special instructions blank, click next
  8. Click “Submit”, and then close

ASU Templates

Female Enlisted ASU
Female Enlisted ASU template
Male Enlisted ASU
Male Enlisted ASU template
Female Officer ASU
Female Officer ASU template
Male Officer ASU
Male Officer ASU template

DA Photo Lab - Stout Field

Indianapolis DA Photo Lab location and hours of operation:

Indiana National Guard Headquarters
Stout Field
2002 S. Holt Road, Building 3, Room 1760
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
Phone: 317-247-3300 ext. 77078
Hours of operation: Tuesday, Thursday - 0900-1100 and 1300-1500

Register for an appointment at https://vios-east.army.mil (CAC required)

It is always a good idea to call ahead to make certain hours haven't changed.


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Contact Us

  • VI Manager Phone: 317-247-3300 ext. 73585
  • VI Help Desk Phone: 317-247-3300 ext. 73477
  • DA Photo Lab Phone: 317-247-3300 ext. 77078
  • Email - ng.in.inarng.mbx.j6imd-sfvios@mail.mil

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