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Economic Impact Study

cover of Economic Impact StudyDuring 2017, the Indiana National Guard was responsible for more than half a billion dollars of economic impact in Indiana. Every dollar we spend spurs an additional $0.76 in economic activity for other businesses in the state. And, because of the amount of federal funding we bring to Indiana, every dollar of state funding we receive translates into around $42 in economic activity. The report shows our activities created an estimated $27.5 million in state and local government revenues, an additional $46.1 million in federal tax revenue and $440 million in employee compensation. As the state and nation’s oldest military force, we’re proud to do our part to improve the quality of life of Hoosiers through our efforts to educate students for cyber careers and to bring technological innovation to the state. Click here to read the study.

Year in Review

cover of Indiana Guardsman MagazineThe Year in Review is an unofficial annual publication highlighting news and stories about the soldiers and airmen of the Indiana National Guard.

Indiana Guardsman

cover of Indiana Guardsman MagazineThe Indiana Guardsman is an unofficial monthly publication highlighting news and stories about the soldiers and airmen of the Indiana National Guard.

Annual Reports

cover of Indiana National Guard Annual ReportAnnual Report: An annual publication containing the financial report and an overview of Indiana National Guard activities throughout the year.


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The Guardian

The Guardian: Formerly known as the Retired Guardian. An unofficial quarterly publication containing news and information of interest to alumni and former service members of all military branches.


The National Guard Magazine: www.nationalguardmagazine.com