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SPEECH | Sept. 23, 2020


The Items below have been identified by the Contact Mapping team as the most commonly misunderstood specifics of the current published COVID-19 Guidance.

If you have any additional/specific questions, please reach out to the Contact Mapping team at:


  • You are required to report within 24 hours if:
  • You've had contact with a Test Positive - COVID person or Symptomatic (without alternate diagnosis)
  • You cannot physically report to your place of work due to displaying symptoms (even if given an alternate work plan)
  • You are PENDING test results due to risk of exposure (DO NOT WAIT FOR RESULTS TO REPORT)
  • You fail a health screening prior to or when reporting to duty
  • You Test Positive for COVID-19
  • DEERS dependents that test positive for COVID-19

Reporting elements are required to report all of these daily on the PIR.DNBI report V5.

***Positive Tests are to be reported immediately. All reports go to


Contact information on the report is CRITICAL to contact mapping team in the report


Close Contacts (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) to a COVID-19 positive or symptomatic person requires a 14 days quarantine.
       *wearing the mask is no longer part of the Close Contact Definition, but still required per DoD/State Guidance

If you have ZERO symptoms and are in quarantine because you are a Close Contact you cannot test out of quarantine or return to work with a negative test (NO EXCEPTION)

If you have a positive COVID Test or clinical diagnosis due to symptoms, you must quarantine for 10 days and be FEVER Free for 24hrs without medication before returning to duty

If you are symptomatic in quarantine, you can ONLY come out of quarantine early with an alternative diagnosis from a physician (allergies, sinus infection etc)

Fever only is still considered symptomatic. You cannot say "I don't have symptoms, just a fever."


OPTUM TEST SITES  are the recommended test sites with the highest accuracy rate

RAPID test sites are not recommended due to the higher rate of false negatives

If you have been exposed, it is recommended that you wait 5 days after exposure to be tested to allow for the incubation period. Testing prior to that increases the rate of a false negative


Team Priorities:

  1. Stop the spread/ Identify outbreaks of COVID-19 within INNG Soldiers
  2. Identify if risk mitigations made by the State to continue training are successful
  3. Prevent degradation to the force due to exposure or unnecessary quarantine

Provide ALL possible close contacts- the mapping team will identify who does and does not actually meet the Close Contact Definition.

                Example: a report came in with 30 names due to an exposure for a training event. After mapping, only 18 individuals were actually required to quarantine

DO NOT FAIL TO REPORT information in order to conduct contact mapping at a lower level. This delays information to the mapping team that could be part of a larger issue

                Example: several reports from different units for traditional SMs that worked full time at the same warehouse. The mapping team made the connection before the warehouse and were able to prevent further spread.


SOCIAL DISTANCE IS KEY - maintaining the 6ft distance allows training to continue and eliminates the opportunity for anyone to become a close contact

DO NOT Attend any training/meetings etc if you have a fever or other symptoms unless a physician has diagnosed you with an alternate diagnosis (allergies, sinus infection etc), especially when Social Distance or PPE is not able to be maintained due to mission requirements

Wear a mask/PPE in all required situations when social distance cannot be maintained

If you have any concerns, see a physician and get individualized treatment plan to follow. Physician guidance may aide in altering guidance

Beware of Complacency

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