NEWS | April 13, 2021

Olympic weightlifting competitor uses Army wellness to excel

By Story by Sgt. Joshua Syberg Indiana National Guard

When you see the word “fitness” and the first thing that comes to
mind is “fit’n this pizza in my mouth,” the Indiana National Guard has a program for you.
Although, if you see the word “fitness” and you see your weekend plans — guess
what? The Indiana National Guard has the same program for you.
Army Wellness Centers provide programs and services that improve and sustain
health, performance and readiness delivered by highly trained health professionals.
Three of these centers are spread out across Indiana with the ability to serve military
service members, retirees, Department of Defense civilian employees and even their
spouses and dependents.
One recent visitor was Staff Sgt. Jihoon Kim, 2nd Battalion, 152nd Cavalry’s
Medical Readiness sergeant.
As a retention sergeant in the past, Kim had to send soldiers to the AWC as part
of a retention waiver. Eventually, this prompted him to make an appointment for himself
as well.
“As a leader I wanted to be able to speak confidently about something I was asking
soldiers to participate in,” Kim said. “Personally, I want to focus on gaining and maintaining
strength so I can continue to compete in Olympic weightlifting competitions.”
Each visit to the AWC, Kim received a printout showing his progress in the fitness
program, which includes BOD POD, a computerized, egg-shaped device that measures
your weight and volume, and VO2 max, the maximum rate of oxygen consumption
measured during exercise.
“The information I got from the BOD POD regarding my lean mass and body fat
was interesting,” Kim said. “I’ve never been considered obese or underweight, but it was
good to have the actual data. The VO2 max test was good info to have as well. It motivated
me to find a more balanced approach to programming and got me out running
The most important part for young service members — it’s free! There is no cost
at any of the three locations in Indiana - Camp Atterbury, Lawrence and South Bend.
The staff is professional and knowledgeable and a visit doesn’t take much of your time.
So whether you're already a self proclaimed fitness god or tell your friends “you
used to be in shape before the pandemic,” the Army Wellness Centers can give you
valuable information to help you succeed in whatever wellness goals you may have.
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