NEWS | March 31, 2021

Indiana National Guard mother, wife, pilot shares her dance

By Sgt. Tackora Hand 38th Combat Aviation Brigade

Indiana National Guard Maj. Katherine Mauer with the 38th Combat Aviation Brigade has many titles. One probably not used as regularly is woman. 

Every year during Women’s History Month in March the Indiana National Guard honors the contributions of women serving in their ranks, while also celebrating the richness and diversity of their achievements. 

Mauer is no exception to this high set bar. Not only has she climbed the ranks in her 25-year career but raised five children with her equally established husband, who also serves in the Indiana National Guard, Chief Warrant Officer 5 August William Mauer III.

“She wears the stress well,” said August, whom everyone calls Augie. “With every achievement she shows our children that possibilities are endless, they can accomplish anything they want.”

The Mauers serve as helicopter pilots with the 38th Infantry Division’s aviation brigade. Augie serves as the survivability officer for the Brigade.

“It’s like a dance,” said Maj. Mauer. “We both have equally demanding careers. And between the kids and our jobs, we are constantly dancing, one day I take lead and the next he might.” 

While humbled and thankful to be identified by her command as someone to represent their unit during this month’s observance Maj. Mauer was hesitant to share the spotlight. 

“So many females think to be successful in the Army they have to act like a man,” said Maj. Mauer. “I feel differently, I want to be knowledgeable and successful in my position and still seen as the woman that I am.”

Maj. Mauer often referred to as Kate by her peers, servs as the Liaison officer for the brigade. 

“She is a master planner, here and at home,” said Augie. “She has a book and uses it for months ahead of planning.” 

"This is a time to recognize women that take pride in doing a job that was once occupied by only men,” said Maj. Mauer. “It's also a time to recognize the outstanding achievements that women do as well as the other roles we naturally take on in life."

The Mauers have 55 years of service to the Indiana National Guard between the two of them. 

And while dancing is not exactly a career specialty in the Indiana National Guard the Mauers are a prime example of what it takes to make the civilian solider look light on their feet.