127th Cyber Protection Battalion Ready for Duty

By 2nd Lt. Oliver Wenck | 127th Cyber Protection Battalion | May 14, 2020

Indianapolis —

The Indiana National Guard announces the commander for the 127th Cyber Protection Battalion. The unit’s nearly 100 guardsmen will provide mission command to a cyber-security company, cyber-warfare company and two cyber protection teams.

It is the first unit of its kind for the Indiana National Guard, and falls under the only cyber brigade in the Army National Guard, the 91st Cyber Brigade based in Virginia. The unit will be commanded by Maj. Rose Gilroy, a native of Princeville, Illinois, who most recently served as the Chief of Capabilities Branch, Resource Integration Division, for the Army National Guard in Washington, D.C.

“It's an honor and incredibly humbling to be selected as part of the team that stands up the 127th Cyber Protection Battalion in the Indiana Army National Guard,” said Gilroy. “This unit is special. The unique capabilities and capacity we build to support our State, the Joint Force, and our Nation cannot be overstated. The stationing of this unit in Indiana is a tremendous statement to the State's commitment to readiness along with the incredible talent and industry partners within its borders.”

This cyber battalion will provide many Hoosier citizen-soldiers with training to become cyber network defenders and cyber operations specialists. In addition to the world-class cyber training facility at Muscatatuck, Indiana’s strong cyber infrastructure and top notch academic institutions were key in Indiana’s selection for this battalion. The additional training, certification and benefits the National Guard provides to a soldier creates a stronger and more marketable civilian employee in a time when cyber security jobs are in high demand. The unit’s training and readiness will provide its soldiers the knowledge, skills, and abilities to compete in an ever-increasing, technologically-advanced world. 

“Cyber is no longer only a concern of local, state and federal governments, it's a major priority of industry.  We know industry recognizes the value of our soldiers, their extensive training, and their unwavering commitment to excellence,” said Gilroy.  “At the same time, the Army National Guard, Army Cyber Command, and US Cyber Command recognize the tremendous value of our cyber soldiers working with leaders and partners full time in their civilian careers.  The partnerships we build and the skills that are honed on a daily basis are absolutely invaluable to all parties.”

This battalion and its mission set aligns well with state initiatives and benefits. Leaders within the Indiana National Guard are collaborating with local and statewide businesses to work with IT and cyber assets.  

“Indiana is fortunate to have Rose lead the state’s first up and coming cyber battalion,” said Brig. Gen. Dale Lyles, Indiana adjutant general. “She brings with her a diverse background and exceptional leadership qualities we need to get this battalion on its feet and leading the way to battle the cyber challenges in our technology driven environment.”

As the battlefield changes, the Indiana National Guard is responding accordingly.