Cyber Shield 19

By Spc. William Phelps | Indiana National Guard | May 2, 2019

April 5 – 19, 2019 —


 Camp Atterbury, IND. – Members of the Indiana Army National participated in the 8th iteration of Cyber Shield 19, a cyber-security based training and practical exercise event that was represented by Army and Air Service members from 40 states and territories as well as civilians from industry leading companies such Cisco, Microsoft, International Society of Automation (ISA), and more at Camp Atterbury, Ind., April 5 – 19, 2019.

Indiana Guardsmen participated in a weeks worth of training that was followed by a weeklong cyber-security, scenario based exercise that tested the Hoosier’s readiness for real world cyber threats. 

“Cyber Shield enables our troops to hone their cyber and analytical skills while developing real-world relationships with military, government, and civilian counterparts to ensure our critical infrastructure remains operational in spite of vast foreign or domestic threats,” says Indiana Army National Guard Lt. Col. Jeffrey Hammer, Planner of Cyber Task Force Military Support.

Exercise participants serve as our Nation's first line of cyber defense. Cyber Protection Teams and Defensive Cyberspace Operations Elements protect the Department of Defense Information Network and coordinate, train, advise, and assist Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources at each state.

Indiana Army National Guard Maj. Alfred Saguid, Officer in Charge of Indiana’s Enclaves expresses, “During an IDT weekend our time constraints are short and my troops don’t always have the opportunity to get into a battle rhyme, so when we come to an exercises like this we can simulate deploying to a scenario and complete battle drills.  Cyber Shield has allowed us to step away and really focus on our MOS’s and focus on job functionality.” 

By the end of exercise, participants will be fully trained and evaluated in cyber defense capabilities and forensic analysis techniques.  Cyber units use the exercise to determine and develop intelligence integration and information sharing through incident response training.