38th ID gets ready for deployment with vision care

By Story by Cpl. Hannah Clifton | March 27, 2019

02.02.2019 —

38th ID gets ready for deployment with vision care

INDIANAPOLIS --- Soldiers with the 38th Infantry Division attended pre-deployment vision appointments Feb. 2 in Avon, Ind. To be a proficient and agile fighting force, the 38th ID has to ensure that every soldier receives high-quality healthcare to maintain medical readiness for their upcoming mobilization.

“I think readiness is a two-fold issue,” said Capt. JaMila Crook, commander of the headquarters support company of the 38th Infantry Division. “It is a personal responsibility and a division priority.”

However, the 38th ID cannot complete such a large task on its own, civilian contractors and organizations help with providing medical services and care to soldiers.

“Whether the patient is in the Army or a civilian, we try to treat everyone like family,” said Dr. Kimberly G. Bray, an optometrist from Avon.

Many of these civilian medical providers aren’t just presenting a service but, their support and kindness as well.

“Everyone was happy and thankful and so supportive of what we do, so that we can give back to everything that [soldiers] do and what they have done for us,” said Macy D. Woodley, an optometrist coordinator in Avon. “An eye exam is definitely a step forward to give thanks.”

With the aid that many civilians provide, such as healthcare professionals, it is safe to say that the Indiana National Guard couldn’t function without the support of generous Hoosiers all over the state.