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About Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

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Sexual assault has no place within the Indiana National Guard. It contradicts our core values and weakens our organization. Leaders at every level are expected to be proactive in preventing sexual assault by implementing the state Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program within their units and instituting training that promotes bystander intervention and adherence to the Army Values.

There are more than 80 nationally certified SAPR Victim Advocates serving in units throughout the Indiana National Guard. The SAPR Program actively hosts training for these advocates and continually seeks to certify new advocates. The program also hosts and attends several public events each year to promote awareness.

The SAPR Program is networked with civilian agencies throughout the state to ensure an even greater availability of resources to prevent sexual assault and to aid victims of sexual assault.

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Sexual Assault Response Line

DOD Safe Help Line
877-995-5247 or TEXT 55-247


The SAPR Program offers a wide array of resources to military victims of sexual assault, including:

  • Victim advocacy
  • Counseling
  • Legal assistance

More: adult dependents of AGR service members may also qualify to receive these services. Your unit’s Victim Advocate or the SARC will be able to provide more details.

Reporting sexual harassment

Harassment and sexual harassment complaints are reported through the EO/EEO program. Contact your unit EO representative. If you are not comfortable or happy with contacting your unit you may contact the State Equal Employment Manger at 317-247-3237. If either of these options are not available you may call the EO 24/7 Hotline Number at 1-800-371-0617.

*For more information about sexual harassment see the tab below.

*If you are unsure whether or not what you are reporting is a sexual harassment complaint or a sexual assault report, please contact the INNG Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR) 24/7-monitored number at 317-247-3172 in order to maintain confidentiality while determining what resource is best for you.

Our Mission

The SAPR Program’s mission is to develop an organizational culture where those who bring reports of sexual assault forward are:

  • Protected
  • Treated with care, dignity and discretion
  • Suffer no hindrances to their personal and professional advancement
  • Not stigmatized for reporting a sexual assault

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