Health and Wellness

A top objective of the Indiana National Guard is to provide an environment and the professional programs that enable Guardsmen and their family members to achieve optimal health, fitness, wellness, mental health and resilience. These programs and services prioritize the needs of our soldiers and airmen and allow the Guard to maximize personnel and organizational readiness.


Army Wellness Center
The Indiana National Guard’s Indiana Wellness Directorate operates Army Wellness Centers in key locations across Indiana. These centers help clients achieve specific long-term lifestyle goals through evidence-based programs, leveraging the latest in physiological assessment technologies to produce personalized health and wellness plans. More




Behavioral Health Program
The Indiana National Guard’s Behavioral Health Program addresses the unique challenges Guardsmen face by providing around-the-clock, free resources to address behavioral health problems and traumatic brain injury. Licensed, professional staff are available 24/7 to support you and your loved ones. For 24/7 assistance, please contact our Behavioral Health Access Line 317-247-3155. More





Crisis Intervention Team
The Indiana National Guard’s Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention Team provides resources for prevention and response to high duress and suicide as well as a 24/7 helpline -- Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) 24/7 Helpline: 317-247-3114. For all emergencies please dial 911. More






Domestic Violence Response Program
The Indiana National Guard’s Domestic Violence Response Program works to create a culture that reduces violent behavior within our ranks and emphasizes and encourages help-seeking behaviors among service members and their families. The webpage provides resources including contact information, the warning signs of abuse and how to recognize if a coworker is being abused. More





Master Fitness Trainer
The Indiana National Guard’s Indiana Wellness Directorate works to improve individual readiness at the unit level by providing a Master Fitness Trainer at every echelon of the organization, starting with individual companies. More





Resilience Training Program
The Indiana National Guard’s Resilience Training Program is dedicated to the physical, emotional and mental health of our service members and their dependents, and our federal civilian employees. More






Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
The Indiana National Guard’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program works to develop an organizational culture where those who bring reports of sexual assault forward are protected; treated with care, dignity and discretion; suffer no hindrances to their personal and professional advancement and are not stigmatized for reporting a sexual assault. More





Substance Abuse Prevention Program
The Indiana National Guard’s Substance Abuse Prevention Program aims to deter substance abuse by providing service members with prevention, education and referral resources and commanders with the necessary tools to assess the security and military fitness of their units. More