Indiana National Guard Youth Program

The Youth Program serve youth ages 6-18 (18 and in school) and provides opportunity for youth to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities. Through our programs we have seen an increase in youth achievement, leadership, friendship and resilience.


Pictured the 2013-2014 Youth Council

The State Youth Council is here to help. The Indiana Military Teen Council is an excellent leadership opportunity for military connected teens across the state.  The Teen Council meets quarterly (once each August, October, January, and April) and conducts conference calls during non-meeting months.  The role of the Teen Council is to raise teen issues to military leaders, to receive leadership training and opportunities for personal growth beyond the usual High School experience, and to contribute to the well-being of military teens in the state.  In 2014, the Indiana Military Teen Council organized and executed the first Teen Summit, a weekend event for all of Indiana's military teens. 

Teens interested in becoming a member of the council must be 14-18 (and still in high school), a military dependent, and must complete an application packet with references.  The Teen Council Application can be accessed here.

All information regarding Youth Council can be found in our Handbook.

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  3. Fall Camp
  4. Youth Symposium

State Youth Coordinator

Phone: 317-247-3300 ext. 85481 or ext. 85441
Toll Free: 1-800-237-2850 ext. 85481 or ext. 85441

Mailing Address:
State Youth Coordinator
711 North Pennsylvania Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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