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Child and Youth Program

The Indiana National Guard Child and Youth Program provides enrichment activities for the children of Guardsmen ages 6-17. Our mission is to support children, youth and families of the Indiana National Guard during times of deployment, extended separation and normal day-to-day operations. We aim to increase opportunities that foster personal growth, education, citizenship and leadership for military kids; advocate for and raise awareness of military-connected youth within state programs and partnering agencies and activate statewide networks that can better serve geographically dispersed military populations.

Youth Program annual events include KIDS AT Summer Camp, Yellow Ribbon programs for deploying units, training teens on resilience and organizing our Indiana Military Teen Council. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs this season will be cancelled. We encourage you to check back on this page in late summer 2020 for updates on fall/winter programs, and in January 2021 to learn of any updates to next year's schedule. Please also follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.

The Youth Program depends on volunteers to serve as chaperones, camp counselors and program assistants to create unforgettable experiences for kids. In FY19, 192 volunteers contributed an incredible 8,172 hours. Learn more below about volunteering for events throughout the year.

Become a Youth Program Volunteer!

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Child and Youth Program Events

Our annual programs and partnerships benefit military kids by increasing opportunities for personal growth and leadership and providing education and citizenship training for children and youth. Program participants and their parents overwhelmingly report positive outcomes from having events that allow military youth to interact. A participant at Kids AT, for example, said, “This camp lets me talk to other kids that know how it is when my dad leaves.” One parent commented that the programs have “brought my children into a world where there are other kids with military parents, which is something they don’t see in their daily lives.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs this season will be cancelled. We encourage you to check back on this page in late summer 2020 for updates on fall/winter programs, and in January 2021 to learn of any updates to next year's schedule. Please also follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.


October 2020 | TRUNK OR TREAT
Come join the Youth Program for a spooktacular time. There will be trunks, candy and so much more. Volunteers can assist with crafts, refreshments or even design their own trunk.


The Caring Place is an Indianapolis church that supports low-income kids during the holidays. They raise funds and accept donations throughout the year, then open their doors to families prior to the holidays. Kids are encouraged to choose toys for their siblings and families, but can also pick out items for themselves. Volunteers escort military kids aged 3-12 around the store and help them pick out gifts to surprise their family members.


Join the Youth Program and all our program partners for a night of holiday festivities. Families have the opportunity to connect with other military families and youth as well as make memories to last a lifetime.


Are you looking for adventure this spring break? Are you a National Guard or Gold Star teen, ages 14-18? Sign up for a FREE week of exploration, hiking and white water rafting. Teens will meet at Camptown (Indianapolis, IN) then be transported to the activity location. The week will focus on teambuilding, leadership and personal growth. Activities include hiking, map reading, white water rafting and exploring. Parent volunteers are invited to join in the fun and help chaperone. For more information about Camptown, visit http://camptown.net.


During the month of April, the Youth Program celebrates the children of military members who also serve. Join us! Activities and events vary, so check out our Facebook page for more information.


Our Youth Program Quarterly Initiative workshops provide an awesome day of learning and making memories. The workshops provide youth with opportunities and experiences in STEAM, Health and Wellness, Leadership and so much more. Look for virtual programs also to be available.



    KIDS AT Summer Youth Camp is an annual event serving children ages 9-18 who are the dependents of Army National Guard soldiers, Gold Star Families, and, as space allows, dependents of Air National Guard airmen. Each year, there are two dates and locations to choose from. The camps are military-themed and are staffed by military volunteers. The cost is $50 per camper, but scholarships are available for those experiencing a hardship. Campers live and work in platoon groups, compete for daily awards and try their hands at educational workshops like marksmanship and archery. Campers also get the best summer camp experiences, such as climbing towers, riding zip lines, swimming, arts and crafts, games and so much more! If you are new to KIDS AT Summer Youth Camp and want more information, please check out  our Facebook page.
    Hidden Falls Camp is spread out on scenic hilltops and offers some great high-impact activities such as mountain biking and zip lines. Activities include marching, military competitions, flag etiquette, arts and crafts, hiking, swimming (indoor pool), fishing, mountain biking, zip lines, high- and low-ropes course, climbing tower and rappel, archery, marksmanship, land navigation, sports and games and MORE! Click here to visit the Hidden Falls Camp website: http://www.hiddenfallscamp.org/.
    Army National Guard and Gold Star children ages 6-8 may register for KIDS AT JR, where they will choose a platoon group, tour the camp, eat with the full camp, swim, try out the zip line and more. Parents will attend with JR campers in order to supervise, ask questions, meet camp organizers and join in the fun!
    Camp Potawotami is compact and wooded, and is set on a giant lake with swimming, boating, fishing and water features. Activities include marching, military competitions, flag etiquette, arts and crafts, hiking, swimming (lake), boating, fishing, high- and low-ropes course, climbing tower, archery, marksmanship, land navigation, sports and games and MORE! Click here to visit the Camp Potawotami website: https://www.fwycamp.org/

August 2021 | TEEN SUMMIT - Location TBD
The Indiana Military Teen Council hosts this event for all National Guard (Army, Air and Reserve) military and Gold Star teens ages 14-18. Activities include leadership and resilience training, TEEN Leader workshops, climbing tower, outdoor movie, campfires and a national speaker. Adults wishing to spend quality time with your teenager may also register to attend and volunteer to chaperone the event.


NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, registration for KIDS AT is now closed. Please check back in January 2021 for updates on this page, and follow  our Facebook page for the latest Youth Program information.

Please read the information below about registration, attendance policy and priority criteria, and download our FAQ, before clicking on the Kids AT Summer Youth Camp registration page. Click here to download our Kids AT Summer Youth Camp FAQ.

About Registration
Please be sure to register for the camp you want: choose either North Camp or South Camp, and under the correct identification, choose either Army National Guard OR Air National Guard. Once you get started, the site will offer travel protection insurance. There is NO need to purchase that insurance. That option is offered for travelers who are flying and provides coverage if plans are cancelled. Please deny this option or you will be paying extra. If you think you qualify for the scholarship for Kids AT, please contact the Indiana Child and Youth Program Coordinator at 317-247-3300, Ext. 85441 to receive scholarship information.

The following describes the youth who are permitted to attend KIDS AT Summer Youth Camps and the order in which registrations will be prioritized:

  • Children/direct dependents of mobilized or deployed Indiana National Guard members
  • Children/direct dependents of Indiana National Guard members in the deployment cycle (either pre-mobilization or reintegration up to one year)
  • Children/direct dependents of all Indiana fallen service members of all branches
  • Children/direct dependents of Traditional and Active Indiana National Guard members
  • Children/direct dependents of Retired Indiana National Guard members
  • Siblings, grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews of current National Guard members
  • Siblings, grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews of retired National Guard members

Click here for the Kids AT Registration page


Registrants will receive an email confirming your camper’s acceptance to attend KIDS AT Summer Youth Camp. Due to the priority criteria above, youth qualified for a higher priority will be selected before youth ranking at a lower priority. We do not expect to turn youth away unless they fail to meet the criteria above.


Indiana Military Teen Council

The Indiana Military Teen Council is here to help. The Teen Council is an excellent leadership opportunity for military-connected teens across the state. The council meets quarterly and conducts conference calls during non-meeting months. The role of the council is to raise teen issues to the attention of military leaders, to receive leadership and resilience training and opportunities for growth beyond the usual high school experience, and to contribute to the well-being of military teens in the state. Each year, the council plans and executes a Teen Summit, which is a weekend event for all Indiana military teens.Teens interested in becoming a member of the council must be 14-18 years old, still be in high school, be a military dependent, and complete an application packet with references.

Click here for the Indiana Military Teen Council application (PDF)


We are always building our volunteer base, are currently accepting your applications!

Have you ever wanted to spend a week mentoring kids at a military-themed summer camp? Did you know you can use permissive temporary duty (TDY), administrative leave or alternate annual training (AT) to volunteer? Do you have campers signed up for Kids AT and want to join the fun? We’re looking for volunteers to fill the role of camp counselor, workshop instructor and administrative, supply and operations support. We are also looking for volunteers for all of our events throughout the year, including workshops, holiday events and Yellow Ribbon Program events. Volunteers must have experience working with youth and complete a DD Form 2981 background check and eight hours of training in positive youth supports. Contact us to learn more or apply.

Download the volunteer flyer (PDF)



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