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Strategic Initiatives and Business Transformation Office

The Indiana National Guard’s Strategic Initiatives and Business Transformation (SIBT) Office engages with public-sector partners and the private sector to explore, implement and promote opportunities to foster innovation that will enable the organization and America’s military to compete and win in an ever-changing technological environment.

In order to meet the military’s greatest challenges, innovative solutions are being developed in areas ranging from soldier and family fitness to meeting the skyrocketing need for people who are trained and educated in cyber and electronic warfare.

The Department of Defense has long recognized that in order to best utilize domestic talent to benefit both the warfight and the nation’s defense, it must broaden its outreach to the private sector as well as to military organizations. SIBT’s job is to do our part to operationalize this strategy by making those connections in Indiana and beyond, so that the National Guard and our partners can broker the best use of the INNG’s resources, including Camp Atterbury, Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex and the Army Wellness Center.


SIBT’s partnerships help foster innovation and economic development across the state, securing the Indiana National Guard’s niche in the state’s economic development strategy and as a test bed for research and development of multi-domain technological solutions. Our partnerships also support our strategic engagements for use of the public properties in our care, such as Atterbury-Muscatatuck, by military services including other state National Guard units, the U.S. Army, U.S. Special Operations Command and allied forces. For example, Cyber Shield is part of the National Guard's ongoing effort to be a versatile capability for governors of all 54 states and territories.

To achieve our objectives, SIBT works with several state and national partners, including:

The Strategic Initiatives and Business Transformation office also leads marketing, continuous process improvement and strategic planning initiatives that enhance the overall effectiveness of the organization.


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