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Indiana Adjutant General's Referral Enlistment Program

The Referral Enlistment Program (REP) is designed to help the Adjutant General of Indiana build the force of the Indiana National Guard. It offers an opportunity for any eligible citizen to become a Personnel Development Coordinator (PDC) and earn extra cash by referring qualified personnel for enlistment into the Indiana National Guard. PDCs can earn $500 for each name and contact information provided to a recruiter for someone who makes the decision to enlist. Signing up to be a PDC is as simple as the submission of two forms to the Adjutant General’s office, and getting paid starts as soon as 10 days after an enlistment contract is signed. Everyone is eligible to apply to be a PDC unless you work with the Indiana Recruiting and Retention Battalion or share a household with someone who does. The REP is currently planned to be available through June of 2020. HOW-TO Complete the Application and Lead Process: An InfoGraphic

Application and Lead Forms

NOTE: You MUST download and use the forms provided below. DO NOT use any versions of forms other than what is provided below. Applicants who are unable to sign these forms digitally may download the forms, sign the forms using blue or black pen, scan and submit the forms to the email address below.

Application Process

Download, complete and email the contract and forms below to:

Lead Forms

Personnel Development Coordinators must submit all leads using the REP Lead Form for their branch of service. Download and complete the appropriate REP Lead Form below and submit the form to the recruiter of your choice: