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The National Guard dates back to the militias of early colonial America, where everyday citizens would pick up their weapons to defend their communities and country. Today, the National Guard is still made up of these citizen soldiers who work, go to school, lead everyday lives, and are prepared to respond when their nation calls on them.

The National Guard serves both the state and federal governments. They are called upon to aid in times of natural disaster, and they are also called upon to defend their communities and country alongside U.S. combat forces around the world.

Traditionally, the men and women of the National Guard serve their country one weekend a month and two weeks a year. With more than 150 different career paths to choose from, they are trained and stand vigilant, ready to aid and defend the United States.

Becoming an enlisted soldier

Upon enlisting in the National Guard, you'll attend basic training where you will learn to be a soldier. You will be tested physically and mentally, learn to work as a team, and learn basic soldiering skills. From there you'll attend advanced individualized training (AIT) where you will train and learn the skills relating to your military occupational specialty (MOS). From that point on, you will continue to drill and train with your unit, working to hone and perfect your skills until you are called upon to use them.

Becoming an officer

Commissioned Officers – Commissioned officers are responsible for the morale, welfare and professional development of their soldiers. They are the decision makers within the National Guard, holding tremendous authority and responsibility for their troops, their country and themselves.

Basic Branch Officers – Basic branch officers include combat service support branches as well as combat arms branches. These include infantry, artillery, military intelligence, finance, transportation, quartermaster and more.

Specialty Branch Officers – Specialty branch officers include medical professionals, chaplains, judge advocate general (JAG officer) and other officers with specialized professional skills.

Warrant Officers - Warrant officers are commissioned officers who lead as experts in their area of specialty. They are highly skilled technical advisers in one of more than 40 specialties.

If you are interested in joining the Indiana National Guard as a commissioned officer, contact the officer strength manager at 317-331-3974

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