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About Us

The Indiana National Guard is a joint-force organization with 65 Army National Guard installations around the state, and facilities at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center and Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. Additionally, there are two Air Wings, the 181st Intelligence Wing based in Terre Haute, and the 122nd Fighter Wing based in Fort Wayne.

As of July 2016, the combined force numbers are approximately 13,500. The headquarters is located at Stout Field on the west side of Indianapolis. The Adjutant General is Brig. Gen. R. Dale Lyles. Click here to view our Economic Impact Study.

Federal Mission: The Indiana Army and Air National Guard are reserve components of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. During times of national emergency, National Guard members may be called into active federal service by the President of the United States.

State Mission: During peace times, the National Guard is commanded by the governor. In its state role, the National Guard assists local law enforcement agencies during emergencies at the direction of the governor. The distribution of soldiers, equipment and facilities across the state allows the National Guard to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies statewide.

The National Guard's dual federal-state mission is unique to the U.S. military and sets the National Guard apart from any other reserve component.


The Indiana National Guard acquires, develops, employs, and retains a ready force capable of functioning as both a federal operational reserve and a state and community militia to assist, protect, and defend the people, assets, and values of state and nation.


The Indiana National Guard will be the premier community-based militia, for state and global missions, by placing our core asset first: people.



  • Loyalty – Bearing faith and allegiance to the organization without personal gain
  • Excellence – Striving to be excellent in all we do, always
  • Agility – Embracing needed change and using it to our advantage
  • Duty – Execute our mission professionally and set an example for others
  • Equal Opportunity – Instilling organizational and cultural diversity
  • Respecting and Caring for our Soldiers, Airmen, Families, Communities, Employers and Partners – Realizing where our strength is anchored
  • Service before Self – Put the mission and care of your subordinates before self
  • Honor – Provides “moral compass” for character and personal conduct
  • Integrity first – Doing what is right – first
  • Personal Courage – Always do what’s right, even when no one is watching you. Take responsibility for your own decisions and actions.
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Always Ready, Always There,
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