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Healthcare information for National Guard Soldiers, Airmen

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Healthcare information for National Guard Soldiers, Airmen

As Indiana residents and the rest of the country work to meet health coverage requirements, leaders of the Indiana National Guard are working to remind Soldiers and Airmen they have an enviable option. The Department of Defense makes the TRICARE Reserve Select Health Plan available to traditional Soldiers and Airmen who drill once a month plus an additional annual two-week training period.

Those members can purchase a plan to cover their families or just themselves. Compared to typical health care coverage plans, TRICARE Reserve Select can be purchased at a much lower rate. The plan also meets minimal essential coverage requirements of legislated health coverage obligations scheduled to begin in 2014.

The state deputy surgeon of the Indiana National Guard, Maj. Christopher Williams, said access to quality, affordable healthcare helps force readiness.

“Insurance is not cheap, and it’s not going to get any cheaper,” said Williams, “This does not just help the Soldier, but their families too. A healthy family makes for a healthier Indiana National Guard overall.”

Members can easily purchase a plan by visiting By logging on with a common access card, Department of Defense self-service account, or Defense Finance and Accounting Service account, members of the Indiana National Guard can quickly determine their eligibility and choose an appropriate plan. Dependents must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System to qualify for coverage under TRS.

The process will generate a form to mail to the North Region provider, Health Net Federal Services in Atlanta. Payments are only accepted by automatic payment via electronic funds transfer or recurring debit/credit card so enrollees must also send a payment request form along with enrollment form and enrollment fee:

The enrollment fee is equal to two monthly payments which are currently $51.62 per month for member only and $195.81 per month for member and family. These premiums are scheduled to increase in 2014 to $51.68 and $204.29 respectively.

Master Sgt. Brett Naum, state strength NCO, said Guardsmen often have questions about TRICARE, and he encourages them to contact their unit readiness NCOs for help.

“It’s a very straight forward process,” said Naum. “Log into the website, determine your eligibility, print a completed processing form, then mail that along with a automatic transfer form and enrollment fee. That simple.”

Unit readiness sergeants have more detailed information and can provide Soldiers and Airmen with any additional support needed to enroll.

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